Just in case you don’t live forever

We’ve helped thousands of New Zealanders secure their legacy by planning for their end-of-life. While you can’t take it with you, you can decide how it stays behind.

1483 reviews

We’re more than just a Will.


Specify your wishes in the event of your death, including guardians for your children, what happens to your possessions, and who should manage your affairs.

Power of Attorney

Appoint a decision maker to handle your financial and medical affairs if anything were to happen to you whilst you are still living.

Digital Vault

Store your information in a central secure location for your family to use when the time comes.

Trusted by thousands of individuals every month

1483 reviews

Went for it and the result was a very detailed will which was legally reviewed. Great stuff and highly recommend.

Lee K
December '23

As my family and I are always caught up with family & work commitments, Safewill has made this possible for us to get our Wills documents easily and conveniently. We can get them done ONLINE at the comfort of our home. And they are affordable too. Thanks Safewill.

Ben K
September '23

I was completely unsure of completing such an important document, such as my Will “on-line” with a company such as this. This has been one of the easiest experiences I have ever encountered when completing legal documentation. This company really made it easy for me. Cannot thank them enough.

Sharon R
August '23

Great to see a company promoting affordable Wills for the average person, it’s not an easy thing to do for some people to address the making of a Will but has to done and save loved ones heartache after you pass away. Well done Safewill, thank you :)

Craig T
September '23

I have been putting off having a will completed for a long time due to the cost and fear of the unknown. Safewill made the fear of the unknown easier to deal with, and completing my will when there was a sale on alleviated my cost blowout fears. To add in a Power of Attorney was very easy as well.

Roslyn H
December '23

Easy to get through, easy to read. And easy to update for any changes. Best idea for wills! I highly recommend this for everyone. Leave a will, don’t ignore it for later

Debbie H
November '23

Very user friendly, with plenty of information given to enable the will writer to make informed decisions, when completing each section. The ability to update details as required is also offered. The fact that your finished will is reviewed by professionals, gives validation.

Frances W
November '23
1483 reviews

End-of-life planning that’s simple and secure

Backed by Lawyers

Every Will is reviewed by a real lawyer to ensure it has been filled out correctly - your peace of mind guaranteed.

Flat Fee, No Surprises

Say goodbye to hidden fees and complicated legal costs. Our pricing is simple and clear with fixed-fee pricing.

Safe & Secure

Your personal data is protected at all times using best-in-class, military grade encryption and privacy practices.

Secure your legacy and protect your loved ones by planning your estate

Planning for what you know

01 Prepare
your Will

We’ll ask a few simple questions prepared by Wills and Estates lawyers that will allow you to create your own Will. We’ve made it easy enough that you can use any computer, or even your phone.

Enduring when you cannot

02 Protect

By creating Enduring powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship, you can ensure both your loved ones’ and your peace of mind by authorising financial and medical decision making, for when you’re no longer able to.

Securing your legacy

03 Plan
for your end-of-life

Dealing with death is hard, and the administrative tasks that come after can be difficult and distressing. Our secure digital vault provides a way to store and share your important information with your loved ones.

Start for free, pay when you're ready

Giving back with Safewill

Giving the gift of the future is a powerful act of love and remembrance.

We’ve made it easy to bequest to charity in your Will, ensuring that your legacy has a lasting impact well beyond the event of your passing.

to charity

Frequently asked questions about Safewill

Safewill is an online platform that allows you the freedom to write your Will simply and securely, without hidden fees or huge financial cost. Once you have your documents ready and your Will written, it is reviewed by a lawyer at our affiliate law firm Safewill Legal to ensure your Will has been filled out correctly, and if so, you can then print and sign it in the presence of your witnesses.

Safewill is passionate about the idea that everyone should have a Will, and therefore is appropriate for most Will writing needs. For complex estate matters, our affiliate law firm Safewill Legal offers a lawyer drafted Will service.

Safewill utilises a Zero Trust security solution in conjunction with a privacy vault to ensure that your data stays secure and private, in compliance with the Australian Privacy Act 1988.

Your Will is reviewed by a lawyer with our affiliate law firm Safewill Legal to ensure that it has been filled out correctly, and if so, you can then print it off and sign it in the presence of your witnesses.

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to do so as often as necessary- such as in the case of divorce, new marriage, or the birth of children. Safewill allows you the freedom to update your Will whenever you want.

This is known as dying intestate, and your next of kin may need to apply for a Grant of Letters of Administration from the Supreme Court. Our affiliate law firm Safewill Legal can help guide you through this process.

A Letters of Administration is an approval granted by the Court, allowing a person (usually next of kin) to administer the estate of someone who has died without a Will. Letters of Administration will allow the administrator to distribute the deceased’s assets according to that state’s rules of intestacy.

Probate is a legal document issued by the Court affirming that the Will of a deceased person has been verified and registered in the Court and that the executor named in the Will has been given the authority to administer the estate. Once the Will is verified by the Court, the Executor can administer the deceased’s estate by collecting the deceased’s assets, paying off any debts of the deceased, and ensuring that the remaining assets are distributed to the beneficiaries of the estate in accordance with the deceased’s wishes.

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Safewill acknowledges all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Traditional Custodians of Country and recognises their continuing connection to land, sea, culture and community. We pay our respects to Elders past and present.
Safewill is an online service providing streamlined forms and information. Safewill is not a law firm or a substitute for a lawyer’s advice about complex estate planning issues.