Safewill for Charities

We help charities unlock the huge potential of gifts in wills by appearing at the exact moment supporters are making the biggest charitable decision of their life.

Ten times as many Australians would leave a gift to charity if it was easier to do so.

Your community. Your brand.

You’ve worked hard to build recognition with your community. Create branded messaging and landing pages to connect with your supporters and get them started with their will.

Gifts in wills, as it should be.

We’re Australia’s highest-rated will-writing platform for a reason, with thousands of wills written every month. We put your charity in front of your community while they’re writing their will.

Life changing results.

By enabling our users to shape their legacy, we help charities focus on the life changing work they do best. Over 37% of wills made with our partner charities contain gifts to charities — 5x the national average. More than half of these are residuary gifts of 5% or more.

Our charity partnerships in the news

Safewill was featured on 7News nationally for our work supporting charities with their bequest campaigns. Get in touch if you''d like to learn more.


Trusted by thousands of Australians every month

1531 reviews

Went for it and the result was a very detailed will which was legally reviewed. Great stuff and highly recommend.

Lee K
December '23

As my family and I are always caught up with family & work commitments, Safewill has made this possible for us to get our Wills documents easily and conveniently. We can get them done ONLINE at the comfort of our home. And they are affordable too. Thanks Safewill.

Ben K
September '23

I was completely unsure of completing such an important document, such as my Will “on-line” with a company such as this. This has been one of the easiest experiences I have ever encountered when completing legal documentation. This company really made it easy for me. Cannot thank them enough.

Sharon R
August '23

Great to see a company promoting affordable Wills for the average person, it’s not an easy thing to do for some people to address the making of a Will but has to done and save loved ones heartache after you pass away. Well done Safewill, thank you :)

Craig T
September '23

I have been putting off having a will completed for a long time due to the cost and fear of the unknown. Safewill made the fear of the unknown easier to deal with, and completing my will when there was a sale on alleviated my cost blowout fears. To add in a Power of Attorney was very easy as well.

Roslyn H
December '23

Easy to get through, easy to read. And easy to update for any changes. Best idea for wills! I highly recommend this for everyone. Leave a will, don’t ignore it for later

Debbie H
November '23

Very user friendly, with plenty of information given to enable the will writer to make informed decisions, when completing each section. The ability to update details as required is also offered. The fact that your finished will is reviewed by professionals, gives validation.

Frances W
November '23
1531 reviews

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