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11 reasons you should choose Safewill

Safewill is on a mission to make it easy and affordable for all Australians to write a Will online – but that's not all we have to offer. Read on to find out why we're Australia's top-rated online Will-writing platform.

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You know the benefits of having a digital Will and why they’re a great alternative to state and public trustees. Now you might be weighing up your options for writing your online will (for example, the differences between Willed vs. Safewill).

Here are 11 reasons why Safewill is the right choice to help you prepare and plan for all things related to end of life.

1. Driven by passion

When our founder Adam Lubofsky’s close friend died suddenly in her 30s, he saw firsthand the difficulties grieving families experience today. His vision helped transform end-of-life preparation into an affordable and accessible online Will-writing platform, which now also offers Powers of Attorney, at-need and prepaid cremations, and an affiliated law firm to help administer deceased estates.

2. Trusted by Australians

Proudly Australia’s highest rated Will platform, our services help thousands of Australians every month. We have over 1,300 five-star reviews from satisfied customers. Just read them yourself to see.

3. Nationally recognised

We were pretty happy to be featured in Deloitte’s Top 10 Rising Stars for our achievements. Not to mention, Safewill has also been featured in leading Australian publications, including Vogue, The Australian, 7 News, Herald Sun and The Daily Telegraph.

4. Wills expertise

For your peace of mind, every Will created on our platform is checked by our team to make sure you’ve filled it in correctly, so it’s less likely there’ll be hidden complications for you down the road.

5. Industry innovators

We’re leading the industry as the first online platform to also offer financial and medical Powers of Attorney documents for a fixed fee of $99.

6. Localised customer service

Endorsed by the Australian Achiever Awards, our dedicated customer care team is here seven days a week to help you with every stage of the Will-writing process.

7. Affiliated law firm

Our affiliate law firm Safewill Legal offers easy and affordable Probate and Letters of Administration services. Our lawyers, Isabelle Marcarian and Lauren Solomonson, were both Lawyers Weekly 30 Under 30 finalists for their accomplishments in Wills and Estates. The team also drafts the Wills and Power of Attorney clauses that our platform uses to create your Will, along with the helpful tips that guide your Will-writing journey.

8. Enhanced user experience

From simple estate division prompts to assigning guardians for any kids or pets, our platform leads the industry with sophisticated tech to give you a seamless experience when writing your Will online.

9. Unlimited updates

Update your Will whenever you like with our ongoing subscription service (free for the first year and only $15/year after that), so you’re covered if anything changes.

10. Charity partnerships

We partner with over 170 charities, giving you a seamless way to leave a life-changing gift in your Will to the causes that matter most to you.

11. Affordable goodbyes

Our dedicated arrangers at Safewill Cremations can support you in providing a simple, cost-effective way to say goodbye to a loved one, or to prepay your own funeral.

Planning ahead with Safewill

Get started today with Safewill to make end-of-life planning effortless.

Last updated 08th June 2022
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