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1531 reviews

Went for it and the result was a very detailed will which was legally reviewed. Great stuff and highly recommend.

Lee K
December '23

As my family and I are always caught up with family & work commitments, Safewill has made this possible for us to get our Wills documents easily and conveniently. We can get them done ONLINE at the comfort of our home. And they are affordable too. Thanks Safewill.

Ben K
September '23

I was completely unsure of completing such an important document, such as my Will “on-line” with a company such as this. This has been one of the easiest experiences I have ever encountered when completing legal documentation. This company really made it easy for me. Cannot thank them enough.

Sharon R
August '23

Great to see a company promoting affordable Wills for the average person, it’s not an easy thing to do for some people to address the making of a Will but has to done and save loved ones heartache after you pass away. Well done Safewill, thank you :)

Craig T
September '23

I have been putting off having a will completed for a long time due to the cost and fear of the unknown. Safewill made the fear of the unknown easier to deal with, and completing my will when there was a sale on alleviated my cost blowout fears. To add in a Power of Attorney was very easy as well.

Roslyn H
December '23

Easy to get through, easy to read. And easy to update for any changes. Best idea for wills! I highly recommend this for everyone. Leave a will, don’t ignore it for later

Debbie H
November '23

Very user friendly, with plenty of information given to enable the will writer to make informed decisions, when completing each section. The ability to update details as required is also offered. The fact that your finished will is reviewed by professionals, gives validation.

Frances W
November '23
1531 reviews

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When you're ready, just check out and submit your Will to start our review process. Our legal team reviews your Will, makes sure it has been filled out correctly, and flags any issues within 3 business days. While our standard review does not include legal advice, you can add a consultation with a specialist lawyer for extra peace of mind or custom drafting.

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Once reviewed, we will email you your Will to print and sign (don't worry, we include easy to follow instructions). If you need to make any changes, simply log back in and make as many updates as you'd like.

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Backed by Lawyers

Lauren SolomonsonIsabelle Marcarian
Isabelle Marcarian

Isabelle Marcarian

Principal Solicitor

Lauren Solomonson

Lauren Solomonson

Probate & Administration Lawyer

Safewill is supported by our award-winning affiliate law firm Safewill Legal, an industry leading specialist Wills and Estates practice based in Sydney and operating Australia-wide.

Safewill Legal are also a leading Probate and Estates practice, offering low cost and fixed fee probate and estate administration services to support and guide you through this complex legal process.

Australian Law Awards Finalist Member of The Law Society of New South Wales

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Why do you need a Will?

Why do you need a Will?

What happens if I die without a Will?

What happens if I die without a Will?

Frequently asked questions about Wills

A Will is an important legal document that details your wishes for when you pass away. It contains instructions for who you want to inherit your estate, any guardianship or care arrangements for minor children, and who should be in charge of distributing your estate in the role of Executor. A Last Will and Testament is vital for all Australians to ensure your estate and legacy is properly taken care of when you pass away.

Dying without a valid Will is known as 'dying intestate'. Your estate will be handled and distributed according to which intestacy laws apply in your state- this means that your wishes may or may not be adhered to, and could end up costing your loved ones both significant financial, emotional, and legal stress in the long term.

To write your Will, you will need to be organised and make a few key decisions. Think about, or put together a list of all of your assets, including property, bank accounts, and investments; this makes it easier to decide on beneficiaries and specific bequests you wish to make to individuals or charity. In the case of minor children or other dependents, decide on a guardian or guardians and any wishes you have for their future. Safewill guides you through this process in a simple and straightforward way, so there’s nothing you forget and no prep work required!

Remember to keep your Will updated when big life changes occur, such as divorce, marriage, or the birth of new children- it's free, and ensures that the right wishes are carried out when you pass away.

An Executor is the person responsible for carrying out the wishes in your Will, and as such should be someone you trust. They’ll be following your instructions and performing all the legal and financial actions required to administer your estate. Generally, people nominate a family member, close friend, or a professional.

Yes. Online Wills share the same requirements for validity as a paper-based DIY Will, or a lawyer drafted Will. Once you finish the process, you’ll need to print and sign your Will in front of two independent witnesses, so that it’s correctly executed.

Safewill utilises best in class, military grade encryption and privacy practises to ensure your data stays where it belongs- protected and just for you.

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