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Listen to these 5 Podcasts if your Grieving

Podcasts can offer a safe space to help you live with grief. Available wherever and whenever, they can offer support to fit your varying needs day to day. From comforting to expert advice, a pep-talk or a relatable experience, we cherry-picked the best ones to help you tune out of the world and into some support during this difficult time.

  1. "Terrible, Thanks for Asking" by Nora McInerny

This one is all about creating the space for honest answers of the “how are you doing” question. Tackling difficult subjects like loss, grief, and mental health, there's an array of honest and raw conversations from different people who’s tragedy and loss might resonate with your own. There's moments of laughter, sadness and sometimes both, and a refreshing steering into the type of ‘big talk’ Nora advocates is desperately needed when in grief.

2. "The Griefcast" by Cariad Lloyd

Cariad explores the various ways people experience and process grief. Except as a comedian, it's not as dark and gloomy as you might expect. Each episode features a guest sharing their story of loss and how they have navigated their unique grief journey. The stories are heart wrenching but relatable. But it’s not one to shy away from the real and raw reality you might have previously found difficult to articulate or share with others.

3. "The Grief Recovery Method Podcast" by John W. James and Russell Friedman,

The focus here is on moving beyond grief and finding a path towards the light on the other side. There's expert insights and practical advice, so if you need some actionable tips to stay afloat this one could be for you.

4. "The Longest Shortest Time" by Hillary Frank

All about parenting and family life, this podcast has a number of helpful episodes focusing on grief and loss. There's no sugar coating in these tragic, yet honest and relatable stories from parents who have experienced loss. But amongst this rawness, there's also heaps of helpful tips in hearing how others have navigated their grief journey.

5. "This Life" by Kevin Cullen

Forget textbook grief steps and theoreticals from experts not walking in your shoes. This one explores the complexities of grief and loss through the stories of real people, featuring a mix of interviews and personal narratives that offer insight into the various ways in which people cope with loss.

Get supported through your grief

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