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3 Reasons Why Estate Planning is a Powerful Act of Love

Provide for your family, protect your assets and preserve your legacy with estate planning. Ensuring that your assets are managed and distributed according to your wishes, and your life's work is transferred to the people and the causes you care about the most. It's clear, it's caring and it's efficient. Saving your family money and disputes amongst the upset of your death, and granting your peace of mind throughout your life.


We all care about the future of our families. And when faced with our inevitable death, it can be comforting to think of the ways we’ll continue to live on through these special people. How our kids will embody our teachings as adults, or how our grandkids might go on to make change in the world. How our life's work, our ideas and our lasting love might inspire their lives, even after we’re gone.

Read on for 3 ways to rethink how planning your estate can impact this legacy. And how beyond just being the next daunting piece of life admin, estate planning is instead a lasting act of love you’ll want to consider gifting:

  1. Provide for your Family

Planning your estate in advance locks in key provisions for your family after you're gone. Providing financial and emotional relief for a future time of great upset, whilst also granting current peace of mind that your remaining assets will be in good hands.

It might be the boost your future grandchild needs to allow them to go travelling, or the financial cushioning for your child to start that dream business. It might ensure the right person receives your wedding ring, your car or even your pets after you pass. However big or small, your remaining assets can be an everlasting gift for your family to use on living. Allowing you to support their needs and their ambitions even in death, as well as ensure your most cherished possessions are taken care of.

2. A Roadmap to your Legacy

Whether it's supporting your family to grow, giving back to your community or funding favourite charities, a planned estate represents an opportunity to shape how your values will live on. Breathing life into the causes most important and representative of you, and how you’d like to be remembered.

This planning can also open up critical conversations on the how’s and why’s of your estate distribution. Creating opportunities to communicate important requests; such as who you’d like to appoint as guardian for your children, or how you’d like your financial and healthcare Power of Attorney to carry out your end of life wishes. This avoids any nasty surprises should the worst occur. Granting peace of mind and mental preparation for them to carry on your wishes.

3. The Ultimate Gift: A Money, Time and Stress Saver

Amid the turmoil of grief, no family wants to contemplate the complexities of dividing an unplanned estate. Our emotional brains are running the show, and the intermingling of upset, long-lost relatives and money can be a recipe for disaster. Leading to drawn out debate and heated fallouts for even the most harmonious of family units.

In outlining your desired distribution in advance, your family can receive what you would like without the guilt or squabble in second guessing it's in line with your wishes. You’ll leave no ambiguities, forgotten pockets of inheritance or costly probate requirements for your family to deal with. Saving money on unnecessary tax and legal expenses, time on distribution delays and stress on second guessing your wishes.

Get Started with Safewill Today

In planning your estate with Safewill today, you're providing for your family and supporting your cherished causes for tomorrow. Opting for choice over complacency, and taking a stand in how you’d like to be remembered.

For more information on coping or preparing for end of life matters, Safewill can help. Get in touch today for a one-to-one on 1800 103 310 , or start a chat with us online.

Last updated 13th December 2022
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