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Common Excuses for Putting Off Writing Your Will & Why You Shouldn't

Get motivated to ditch the excuses and write your Will, with our very own debunking of reasons why people put it off. From being too young, to too poor and not knowing all the answers, we highlight the when and the why of Will writing, to help you get started now.


Writing a Will is one of those tasks that many people tend to postpone. It's understandable – contemplating death and talking money at the same time can be uncomfortable.

Whilst we’d love to tell you it’s all avoidable, the truth is death and death admin comes to us all. Procrastination might put it off, but when it comes to time, money and stress- you might just be mounting it up for your loved ones at a later date.

In this article, we'll explore the benefits of writing your Will- debunking the top five excuses people often use to delay. No, we’re not here to shy away from the fact estate planning can get difficult. Rather, in understanding a little more about what your Will can achieve, we’re here to convince you why it’s worthwhile.

We’ve even thrown in a few tips along the way to make it that bit easier. So let’s dive into the world of Wills, excuses and more.

Why write your Will?

Need a quick recap on why you should bother at all? We’ve got you covered. Because whilst writing your Will is centred on sorting out your assets, it's about a lot more than where your money goes.

  1. Lock in end of life wishes

First, there's ensuring that your end of life wishes are honoured in healthcare, funeral plans and support to loved ones. With options to leave charity donations or a community cause, you can go above and beyond how the laws of intestacy would have your remaining assets distributed.

2. Appoint an Executor

In making these end of life and death decisions, you take steps to shaping your own legacy. And with such weight placed on how your Will wishes are carried out, it's an important opportunity to appoint you you’d like to take on this role. Appointing your executor ensures a trusted person will handle your estate, and see fit that your legacy is secured after your’e gone.

3. Look after your children

If you have minor children, a Will also offers the chance to lock in legal guardians to take on their care if both you and their other parent die suddenly. Avoid the court from making this decision, and have peace of mind they’ll be looked after, regardless of what happens.

4. Reduce probate burden for family

A valid Will can drastically reduce legal complications and challenges after your’e gone. This creates clarity and legally binding instructions over your wishes, and helps to avoid family stress, financial burden and disputes.

5. Peace of Mind

In securing end of life wishes, a trusted executor, child protection and reduced family burden- a Will can provide immense peace of mind knowing you’ve taken care of the future. From protection of your life's work to support for your family, it’s the best way to take back a sense of control against the uncertainty of death.

So why do people put off writing their Will?

With all this in mind, why would someone put off writing their Will? Not having a valid Will is more common than you think. And whilst you might also have fallen trap to some of the most common excuses, we’re here to prove you wrong on why you should put it off any longer!

Excuse #1: "I'm Too Young to Write a Will"

Fair play. You don’t want to think about death in your 30’s. You know the benefits, you see the logic, and you appreciate the peace of mind a Will can one day give you. Key words? ‘One day’ - in that distant, distant, far away future land where you get old and grey, and worry about things like an estate plan.

So what’s the big deal? Why is putting a Will off till you're a bit older really such a bad idea?

  • Life is Unpredictable. No one can predict the future, and tragic events can happen at any age. Writing a Will ensures that your loved ones are protected, regardless of your age or current circumstances. It can also allow you to put in measures to protect your healthcare wishes, should you lose capacity.

  • Avoiding Intestacy stress: Dying without a Will leaves a heap of legal and financial stress for your family, all which can be avoided by getting your estate plan drawn up.

  • Easy Updates: No ones saying that you should write a Will now and expect it to shape your legacy at the old age you die. Much like life, a Will is not a static document. It can, and should, be updated as your circumstances change, and by creating one early, you establish a template that can be modified and adapted throughout your life.

Excuse #2: "I Don't Have Many Assets"

Another common excuse for delaying Will writing is the misconception that only individuals with substantial wealth need to worry about it. However, with affordable, lawyer-approved Will writing options offered by Safewill, the benefits of writing a Will are now inclusive and accessible to all.

You don’t need to be a millionaire to support the loved ones you leave behind. Similarly, the support you leave your loved ones doesn’t always have to be about monetary gain. Simply leaving sentimental gifts or items to your family can mean more than any check will, in terms of passing on your’e love and essence.

Similarly, writing a Will provides clarity on your assets. It helps to avoid family disputes, helps you plan for the future and leaves a plan for any digital assets which might otherwise get forgotten, or fought over.

Excuse #3: "I Don't Know Who to Choose as an Executor"

Choosing an executor can be a daunting task. Like many other decisions involved in writing your Will, some people use this as an excuse to postpone writing their Will.

Whilst it’s an important call to make, it’s also worth remembering you can make updates and modify your choice. So consider trusted individuals, consider appointing a professional or, opt for appointing multiple to share the job. This can be useful if you have a complex estate, or if you’d like the responsibility shared.

Having open and honest communication about this role ahead of time is much better than leaving it to chance. Besides, if you die without a Will then the Government will be choosing a lot of where your assets go, nevermind who will be administering them.

To Wrap up

It’s tempting to put off the hard stuff in life. From going to the gym, doing your taxes and writing your Will ahead of time.

However, like a lot of hard stuff, the rewards of writing a Will are worth the benefits. From supporting your family, locking in your end of life wishes and saving your family from future stress- there's an abundant number of reasons to stop putting off an estate plan.

How Safewill can help

When it comes to writing your Will- Safewill offers the security and peace of mind of an estate lawyer, without the crazy costs. We provide an easy to use online platform, which allows you to write your Will before it’s checked over by our specialised legal team.

There's even free updates for the first year, and an affordable subscription fee which allows you to make easy updates from the comfort of your home thereafter!

It really is that easy, that affordable and that worth putting in the small effort! There really is no excuse not to.

Reach out to our team today for tailored advice on probate or estate planning, on 1800 10 33 10 or via live chat now.

Last updated 02nd June 2023
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