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Australian Funeral Costs Are On the Rise- Here’s What to Do About It

Combat rising funeral prices by getting informed, and planning ahead. From prepaid funerals to direct cremations options, there are ways to plan a meaningful farewell which doesn’t break the bank. Read on to find out more about minimising funeral costs for you and your family, from today onwards.

Funeral costs

The cost of dying is increasing at the same rate as living. With money tight, savings low and stress at an all time high, planning a funeral in the present day can start to feel overwhelming with these mounting costs in mind.

Understanding how to minimise funeral costs whilst having a meaningful farewell can help reduce the financial burden at this time- saving you more money to spend on the living, without cutting corners on farewells after death.

Read on to understand why and where funeral costs are rising in Australia. And, more importantly, what you can do to avoid them getting too much.

How Much Does a Funeral Cost in Australia?

Much like every person, every funeral is different. Things like location, the type of service, choice of burial or cremation, and additional personalised elements all play a role on the final cost.

On average, a traditional funeral in Australia can cost anything between a few thousand dollars to dizzy figures of $15,000, and more. For cremation, that average sits at around $3000, and burials $8000- meaning that regardless of which funeral option you go for, a funeral isn’t cheap.

Are Funerals Getting More expensive

Scarily however, funeral costs are on the rise. Factors like inflation, rise of the price of goods, services, transportation and labour all play a role in creasing providers and thus your final expenses.

Additionally, burial plots are running out in Australia. And with demand high and supply scarce, prices are only going up, and up… and up.

Whether you stick to traditional burial or opt for a basic cremation, the financial burden of a funeral can take a hit. But, if you're looking to commemorate a loved one without breaking the bank, it is possible with effective planning.

Ways to Reduce the Cost of a Funeral

  • Shop Around and Compare Prices

Don’t let funerals be any different to any other service you would buy into. Shopping around providers and comparing prices allows you to get the best value for your money, and a clear understanding if what you're paying is fair. This will also help budget in any personal additions to the service, such as flowers or catering or venue.

  • Consider Direct Cremation:

A direct cremation offers a cheaper farewell alternative, without cutting corners on offering a dignified farewell. In removing the need for expensive embalming or a formal service, you can eliminate costs on things you don’t want to spend money on.

Additionally, a direct cremation offers the chance to postpone any memorial services until a later date- offering emotional and financial flexibility to a date which better suits you.

  • Opt for a Simple Ceremony:

Or, if you prefer a more traditional funeral, consider simplifying certain elements to reduce costs. This could be opting for a more intimate, smaller venue or holding the service at a place of worship instead of a funeral home. Limiting things like floral arrangements, catering or funeral cars can also significantly bring costs down without compromising on personal touch.

  • Prepaid funeral plans

Pre-planning your funeral allows you to lock in all the personal details, at a fixed price. This avoids rising market prices, reduces stress and takes the burden off future family members to deal with.

In taking an empowered approach to end of life planning, you can also feel more confident that your own funeral wishes are secured- whether that's for a simple, direct cremation, or for a traditional burial with all the details locked in ahead of time.

How Safewill Can Help

Safewill Cremations offers compassionate funeral planning services for your every need. Whether it’s locking in a prepaid plan or arranging an upcoming cremation, our expert team offers a more affordable cremation option without cutting corners on a meaningful farewell for you.

To find out how we can assist you, reach out on 1800 103 310 , or via live chat now.

Last updated 29th May 2023
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