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What Are Virtual Memorials?

Want to plan a memorial which fits everyone's needs? A Virtual memorial could be the answer. From encouraging more tributes to widening access online, there's many ways this modern memorial trend could benefit or replace a traditional funeral service as you know it. Read on to find out why, find out how and find out if you could stand to benefit.

Virtual memorial

In the age of digital connectivity, traditional methods are evolving. From cars to careers, teaching, medicine and everything in between- all areas of society are starting to adapt.

With some forward thinking, the end of life industry is finally starting to catch up. And with developing technologies making it easier than ever; the world of cremations, memorials and estate planning are starting to become digitalised too.

Virtual memorials have emerged as one of the latest ways to accommodate changing preferences in a digital world. More than that, they offer a way for sick, elderly or far away relatives to attend important services which honour a loved one.

In this blog post, we delve into what virtual memorials are, how they work and who they might benefit- covering everything you need to know to plan an accessible funeral in this modern age.

What is a Virtual Memorial?

A virtual memorial is a digital space where individuals can commemorate and celebrate the lives of their loved ones. Serving as a virtual gathering where family and friends can come together to share memories, stories, photos, videos, and messages of tribute, it offers a meaningful send off without the need to be physically present.

The concept of a virtual memorial brings the memorialization process into the digital realm- providing a convenient and accessible alternative to traditional physical memorials.

Alternatively, you could incorporate a virtual memorial into a physical service. Offering an additional way for atendees to contribute or

This service can host the memorial entirely online, or can offer an online stream to a physical service for those who cannot attend.

How Do Virtual Memorials Work?

Virtual memorials typically take the form of dedicated websites or interactive platforms, designed specifically for memorialization purposes. These platforms allow users to create personalised memorial pages for their loved ones, which can include various multimedia elements.

Visitors can access the virtual memorial from any location with an internet connection, providing flexibility for friends and family members to participate and engage in the memorialization process, whether that's in addition or instead.

Benefits of a Virtual Memorial

Accessibility and Inclusivity:

Virtual memorials transcend geographical limitations, enabling people from various locations to participate in commemorating their loved ones. This accessibility ensures that individuals who may be unable to attend physical memorials due to distance, travel restrictions, or health concerns can still actively participate in the remembrance process.

Whilst it might not be the same as a physical presence, a virtual memorial provides a second best option if travel is physically impossible.

Flexibility and Convenience:

Virtual memorials offer flexibility in terms of scheduling and participation. Unlike traditional memorials with specific time and location constraints, virtual memorials held entirely online allow participants to engage at their convenience.

This flexibility accommodates diverse schedules and time zones, ensuring that individuals can honour their loved ones in a way that suits their needs, as well as their emotional state and readiness.

Multimedia Capabilities:

Virtual memorials provide a dynamic platform for sharing memories and stories in a visual and audible way.

Users can upload photos, videos, and written tributes, creating a rich tapestry of memories that captures the essence of their loved one's life. This interactive and multimedia-driven experience enhances the memorialization process, allowing for a deeper and more personal connection without the pressure of a public speaking tribute.

Permanence and Accessibility Over Time:

Virtual memorials create a lasting digital legacy that can be revisited and cherished by future generations. Unlike physical memorials, which may deteriorate over time or face practical challenges- virtual memorials offer a lasting tribute that can be accessed and shared for years to come.

The Role of Virtual Memorials in Funeral Planning

Virtual memorials have become an integral part of modern funeral planning. They provide an additional option for families who choose cremation or direct cremation, as well as an alternative when physical memorials are not the practical choice.

Whether it's complimentary or as a substitute, a virtual memorial provides a meaningful way to honour a loved one in a way which caters for all. It’s meaningful without being expensive, and it's affordable without feeling cheap.

How Safewill can help

Safewill Cremations provides the most affordable direct cremation support in the industry. Supported by a team of compassionate experts at each step of the way, we help you to plan a modern cremation which meets all of your needs.

Whether that's helping with practical arrangements or the important small details in between, we’re here to help, inform and prepare just when you need it most.

To find out more about how we can help you today, reach out on 1800 103 310 , or via live chat now.

Last updated 09th June 2023
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