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How Are Online Wills Different From Traditional?

Digital wills are designed to suit your needs, your timeframe and your changing priorities. We explore the 5 distinguishing benefits between this modernised option and traditional wills.

Online wills
  1. Convenience

It’s no wonder we come up with excuses to put off writing wills, when the traditional process requires scheduled appointments squeezed into the business day. In contrast, with digital wills you can create and update your will anytime and any place. Whether it's from the comfort of your couch or the middle of your commute, this modernised option works around your modern day life. Allowing for quicker and easier changes as your circumstances or priorities change.

2. Cost:

Digital Wills save more money for living, by offering a once-off payment for the same service as traditional wills. This drives down the cost in the long run, by avoiding repeated fees for an attorney or notary required to create and update your traditional will.

3. Security

In this day and age no important wishes should be lost if the piece of paper they’ve been validated on goes missing. Avoid this fear with a digital will, which is alternatively stored on a secure server. What's more, a digitally stored will is easier to access, update and share with advisors.

4. Support

We appreciate your needs and changing circumstances don’t hit pause over the weekend, so with an online will you’re guaranteed support and assistance 7 days a week via the phone, or instant live chat. In contrast, most lawyer’s offices and public trustees don’t operate over the weekends and you're left in limbo until Monday morning.

5. Legal Expertise

These added bonuses of convenience, price, security and support don’t come at a cost to the legal validity of your will. Our team of legal and industry experts will review your will without the price tag of a traditional law firm.

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Last updated 21st December 2022
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