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4 Alternative Condolence Gifts to Flowers

We researched the best sympathy gifts to help guide your mission to support a grieving friend. Because whilst flowers are a classic choice, they may not be the right fit for everyone. Avoid adding to this pileup of tokenistic gifts with some alternative expressions of care, and double up your sympathies with some impactful support. Read on for our best suggestions:


  1. Food

Whether it's snacks or home cooked meals to put in the freezer for later, offering a basket of food can reduce the burden of cooking. This gift expresses sympathies, whilst also offering practical support and nourishment at a time when looking after themselves and their grieving family might be overwhelming.

2. Self Care

Grief can be incredibly stressful both physically and emotionally. A gift card for a massage, a spa day or even for a grief support service can be a valuable recognition of their struggle, and nudge them to continue looking after themselves. Even a gift card for a restaurant or food delivery service can provide a valuable excuse to treat themselves during this time.

3. Practical Gifts

It might not look as pretty as a bunch of flowers, but a service gift card for a cleaning company, a handyman or a gardener can help reduce the sense of overwhelm in this time. Allowing the family to focus on looking after themselves, rather than their house or garden.

4. Personal

Alternatively, giving a gift that will help the person remember their loved one in a special way can be a thoughtful way to acknowledge their loss. This could be a photo album, a frame, a journal, or a memorial candle or ornament. Even something like seeds to plant a memorial tree or small plant could be a more meaningful gift which the person can seek comfort in, compared to fully flourished flowers.

Get in Touch

No matter what condolence gift you choose, the most important thing you can offer someone who is grieving is your support and kindness. So whilst a gift can be a kind way to express your care, in the aftermath of the initial gifts and condolences it's important to maintain support. Saying the right things, sending checking-in texts, persisting with social calendar invites can be a great way to do this beyond just giving a gift.

Get in touch with Safewill today, for more information and support in your end of life preparations, or if someone you know needs help going through a loved one's estate. Call us on 1800 103 310 , or start a chat with us online.

Last updated 16th December 2022
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