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4 Easy Ways To An Eco-Friendly Funeral

Embody your loved one's values into their funeral with sustainable choices. We break down the options for you in 4 easy tips; highlighting the wider good you can generate in adapting traditional practices.

  1. Natural Burial Sites

Designed to allow bodies to decompose naturally, these burial sites avoid harmful embalming chemicals which seep into surrounding soil and underground waterways. The of biodegradable shrouds and caskets, made of wicker or cardboard, further support this natural passage of nutrients back into the soil. Ultimately facilitating an environmentally friendly and comforting way to integrate your burial and body back into the circle of life.

2. Consider cremation

Relative to traditional burial, cremations have been found to have a 10% lower environmental impact. They reduce requirements for land, eliminate the need for a casket and prevent use of harmful embalming materials which might not be biodegradable. Furthermore, if the idea of re-connecting with nature is important to you, scattering your ashes in a natural location or using them to create a memorial tree can allow you to achieve this goal, without the added burden on the planet.

3. Conscious Choices on Funeral Products

Many funeral products are catching up with the green trends, and becoming more environmentally friendly. Whether it's biodegradable decorations, a bamboo casket, or a shroud made of natural fibres, there are easy funeral adaptations which can further reflect your sustainable values. Alternatively, consider locally sourced catering or paper free songcards as impactful ways to minimise your environmental impact.

Get Started with the Safewill Industry Experts

Planning ahead ensures sustainability values aren’t forgotten about amid the upset of a sudden death. Get started today with Safewill's industry experts, who will guide you each step of the way. Call us for a one-to-one on 1800 10 33 10, or start a live chat now, to discuss how we can integrate your green wishes into your funeral planning.

Last updated 20th December 2022
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