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The Ultimate Guide to Cremation Jewellery

In navigating the loss of a loved one, some find comfort in tangible memorialization of this person. Cremation jewellery offers a powerful and meaningful way to do this, by holding cremation ashes of loved ones close to you. Whether incorporating necklaces, pendants, precious metals or rings, there's a range of personalised jewellery options to craft a keepsake around your needs. In this blog post, we discuss the various memorial jewellery services and options to help inform your decision.

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As cremation grows in popularity in Australia, so have the number of unique ways people are choosing to remember and celebrate the lives of the people they've loved. While some choose to scatter ashes or keep them in an urn, others are finding meaning in using ashes to craft and wear keepsake memorial jewellery.

Why do people choose to wear memorial jewellery?

Mourning and remembrance jewellery has historically been a way to help people honour their grief. People can find physical comfort in being able to touch and feel something connected to their loved one, even after their death.

As grief is unique for everyone, it can be helpful having your own way to personalise your loss. Sometimes there's an expectation that you should return to your ‘old self' after enough time has passed, but it's okay for your grief to stay with you and to find ways to hold on to your loved one.

Cremation jewellery is a quiet form of mourning that can honour your loved one and bring you more comfort and connection to your loved ones ashes, compared to scattering.

You might also like to give cremation jewellery to family members who were close to the person as a way to recognise the shared loss. This can be a forever way to respect, connect and treasure the life moments you both shared with the deceased. Offering a more comforting way to hold remains than traditional urn options.

Step-by-Step Guide To Choosing Your Keepsake Memorial Jewellery

Choosing the right memorial jewellery can be a sentimental and personal experience. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

  1. Material: Consider the material of the memorial jewellery, such as sterling silver, gold, or stainless steel, to ensure it is durable and of good quality.

  2. Design: Choose a design that reflects the personality and style of your loved one, or consider a personalised piece with their name or initials.

  3. Size: Consider the size of the jewellery, including the size of the compartment for ashes or other sentimental items, to ensure it is appropriate for your needs.

  4. Purpose: Decide how you will use the jewellery, such as wearing it as a daily reminder or keeping it as a special keepsake.

  5. Price: Consider your budget when choosing cremation jewellery, as prices can vary depending on the material, design, and quality of the piece.

By taking these factors into consideration, you can choose the perfect cremation jewellery to honour the memory of your loved one and keep them close to your heart, forever. Next, we dig deeper into some of these specifics to help you make your choice.

Cremation jewellery material, design & purpose

Cremation jewellery is designed to hold some of your loved ones remains or ashes in a small compartment of charms incorporated into a necklace, ring or bracelet. This allows you to hold cremation ashes, memories and spirit of your loved one close to you in a comforting and personalised way after their death.

When picking a piece of cremation jewellery, you might like to consider choosing a:

  • Pendant for a necklace

  • Ring

  • Pair of earrings

  • Charm on a bracelet

Keepsake jewellery is not limited to cremations. If your family chose to bury your loved one, there are several options of keepsakes to hold in the small compartment of your memorial jewellery:

  • Ashes

  • Dirt from the spot they were buried

  • Sand from the beach they were scattered

  • A lock of their hair

The meaning behind the creation of cremation jewellery is personal, so you can choose what holds significance to you. For some, this is about precious metal and gorgeous creations, whilst for others something more understated fits better.

How much does cremation jewellery cost?

The cost varies depending on the type of jewellery you'd like. You might be able to find standard pieces that range from $50 to $100. Keepsake Jewellery has sterling silver starting at $125, gold and rose gold vermeil starting at $145, solid gold starting at $425 and white gold jewellery starting at $525.

For those wondering if you can be cremated as a diamond, it's possible but it can take between 3 to 18 months. The different processes create colours ranging from amber to colourless, with the colour and price often depending on how long the process takes and what carat size you'd like. The typical starting price is usually around a few thousand dollars.

Whilst this represents one of the more expensive keepsake services, this can also create a forever piece of high quality jewellery, which can be worn for generations to respect the lost loved one.

How do you fill cremation jewellery?

Your cremation jewellery will usually be able to hold up to one teaspoon of cremated ashes. If you feel uncomfortable handling the ashes yourself, it might be helpful to ask a friend to help.

Here are a few helpful tips if you're going to fill your cremation jewellery at home:

  1. Prepare a flat, clean surface in a well-lit area

  2. Avoid having any fans on or open windows in case there's a breeze

  3. Find an opening on your jewellery piece (typically a small screw-top that needs slight pressure to turn open)

  4. Use a funnel to direct the ashes into the small compartment

  5. Keep the screw safe so you don't risk losing it when it's time to tightly close it back up

Once the ashes are in the pendant or bead, you'll be free to string it back onto your chain. Your jewellery could range from sterling silver to gold or jade, and be personalised to you and your loved one.

Say goodbye your way

Our empathetic arrangers at Safewill provide a compassionate and affordable service to help you celebrate your loved ones, and hold their ashes in a way which is meaningful to you, and your family. We offer an express post of ashes and wonderful support at every step of the cremation or burial process.

For more information on how Safewill can support you and your family members through a cremation, call us on1300 730 639 via livechat now.

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