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Who Attends a Private Cremation?

Discover who typically attends a private cremation, as well as how this could work for you. Covering all things meaningful cremation details, invite lists and memorials- this blog post includes all info you need to inform a private cremation choice.

Private cremation

Cremation Planning

There's no right or wrong way to plan a final farewell for a loved one. But when it comes to honouring their wishes and the needs of your family, a private cremation can sometimes be the best option. So what does this option involve? And would it work for you?

In this blog post we uncover everything you need to know about planning a private cremation. From who is typically invited, the planning details and the benefits of keeping things a little more private.

Understanding Private Cremations

Private cremations involve only a select group of close family members and friends. In restricting the number of people to attend the service, a private cremation offers a more intimate and personal environment for grieving loved ones.

Given that a cremation service is likely to be emotional, this smaller gathering can offer a more comforting space to grieve on this difficult day. Rather than focusing attention and stress on organising guest arrangements and greetings, a private cremation can give you and close family the privacy you need at this time.

Selecting the Attendees

So, who makes the cut with a private cremation? During this service, immediate family members, such as the spouse or partner, children, siblings, and parents, are usually in attendance.

Depending on circumstances, close friends and relatives may also be invited to join the gathering.

The aim of a private cremation is centred around creating an environment of support and comfort. With this in mind, the invite list is more about creating this safe environment, rather than specific names, rules or numbers for the day. Much like other cremation arrangements, there really is no right or wrong way to go about the invite list- with the main priority ensuring all close family members are consulted and comfortable.


Whilst it's important to think of those attending the cremation, it’s also equally important to consider the wishes of the deceased. Thinking about the deceased's wishes, cultural customs and relationships can help guide your choice on a private cremation invite list.

Similarly, maintaining open communication among family members and close friends is vital to ensure that everyone who should be present is included on this day. Having these conversations ensures you don't miss any important friends or family who weren't on your radar, that the deceased would have wanted there.

Benefits of private cremation?

Given the potential for missing out on important people, why plan for a private cremation, and could it benefit you?

Let's take a look at what a private cremation has to offer:

  • Intimate Farewell: Private cremations offer a more personal and intimate environment for bidding farewell to a loved one, allowing immediate family members and close friends to gather and honour their memory in a meaningful way.

  • Emotional Support: The smaller gathering of a private cremation provides an opportunity for attendees to support one another, share stories, and find solace during the grieving process. This can create a safer space to express tough emotions, rather than feel the need to put on a ‘brave face’ on this day.

  • Personalised feel: Private cremations can also allow for more personal tributes that reflect the personality and preferences of the deceased. Attendees might be more inclined to share memories to a more intimate crowd, and this takes the pressure off from a big speech.

  • Respect for Privacy: By limiting the number of attendees, families can focus on their grief without the distractions of a larger crowd. At a time where emotions are raw, this more closed off cremation service can allow close family to get more closure from the cremation.

  • Flexibility: Families are able to plan, organise and change a cremation date in a way which accommodates their own emotional or financial stresses at the time. This can help take the pressure off the day.

  • Cost-Effective Option: Finally, private cremations are often a more affordable alternative to traditional funerals- offering cost savings without compromising the respect and dignity of the farewell process. This allows families to allocate their resources toward other important aspects, such as memorial services or personalised tributes, rather than expensive food or decorative aspects.

Beyond the Cremation

After a private cremation, families often choose to hold memorial services or celebrations of life which are more public. These gatherings provide a chance for a wider circle of friends, extended family, and acquaintances to come together and pay their respects.

Memorial services can be tailored to reflect the personality and preferences of the departed, creating a meaningful event that celebrates their life and provides closure for the attendees.

Crucially however, this service could be held at any point rather than at the specific time of the cremation day itself. Putting off a larger memorial service can allow the family more time to grieve before having to deal with the pressure, cost and social exposure from a larger gathering.

The Role of Cremation Services

Understanding why a private cremation might work for you, starts with understanding what a cremation should offer you, full stop.

The farewell process is a chance for a family to formally honour a loved one, whilst putting their body to rest. In this way, a cremation offers extensive flexibility and various options on the services surrounding it.

Whether you choose to hold the ashes in an urn or scatter them in a favourite place- cremation arrangements can work on a timescale which suits your needs.

This can include a private initial cremation which puts off on a larger memorial till a later date, or it can host everyone all at once.

Even with this in mind, it's important to remember that regardless of ceremonies, memorials or invite list decisions- cremations fundamentally offer a chance to honour your loved one, and support those left behind in a way which is fitting to you.

How Safewill can help

Safewill provides a compassionate, affordable and flexible service to fit all your end of life needs. Whether this is navigating the stress of estate administration with our specialist legal team, or planning a direct cremation with our dedicated funeral directors- we’ve got your back when it matters most.

Reach out to one of our compassionate experts today on 1800 10 33 10 or get in touch via live chat, to find out how we can help support you today.

Last updated 26th May 2023
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