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Planning a Cremation in Sydney

Plan a cremation in Sydney with the help of our expert guide. Covering all things crematoriums in Sydney, NSW cremation regulations, choosing a funeral director, and considering pre-paid cremation- we walk you through the details to help inform your choice.

Sydney cremation

Sydney cremation: everything you need to know

Planning a cremation is a daunting task, even if it didn't coincide with an already emotional and difficult time.

With the right information and resources, the cremation process can be made easier. And in this blog post, our team of dedicated cremation experts weigh in- to bring all the info to help plan cremation in Sydney, which is meaningful, affordable and personalised to you and the deceased.

Starting to plan a cremation

Before an overwhelming info dump- you might be left wondering where to start on planning a cremation or attached memorial service?

If there is no prepaid cremation plan in place, we recommend starting with choosing a crematorium and memorial site. This should be based on location, cost and suitability to the needs of you and your family members.

You can even choose where to hold the ashes scattering ceremony, however this can also be held off for a later date- as well as other details to help you honour a loved one with their cremated remains.

Once you have you, your family members and the deceased's wishes determined, you can then seek out the help of a funeral director to help in arranging the private cremation services and ceremony.

At this stage, knowing NSW cremation regulations can be useful to guide your expectations around timeframes and feasibilities.

And, if the retrospective stress of cremation planning has been enough incentive to want to save your family the future burden- we also include some insights into why a pre-planned cremation could be emotionally and financially wise for you.

Crematoriums in Sydney

When planning a cremation in Sydney, one of the first decisions you will need to make is which crematorium to use. There are several crematoriums in Sydney to choose from, however it's important to base your choice based on location to you and family, as well as costs and suitability for you and the deceased person's wishes.

You may also want to consider what will be a calming environment for the day, as well as a meaningful place for you and the deceased's friends and loved ones to pay tribute to them in future.

We've included a list of 5 of Sydney crematoriums below:

  1. Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium: Located in North Ryde, this crematorium offers both indoor and outdoor cremation services, as well as a chapel for funeral services.
  2. Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park: This crematorium, located in Matraville, offers cremation services, as well as a variety of memorialization options, including gardens and wall niches.
  3. Rookwood Cemetery and Crematorium: Located in Lidcombe, Rookwood is the largest cemetery and crematorium in the southern hemisphere. With over 930 acres of land, it offers a wide variety of cremation and memorialization options.
  4. Macquarie Park Cemetery & Crematorium: Located across 145 acres of carefully maintained grounds, Macquarie Park is North Sydney's premium crematorium which goes back to 1922.
  5. Western Sydney Crematorium: This Catholic Crematorium is a not-for-profit organisation; offering affordable services from experienced experts, who have been helping Sydney families for the past 150 years

NSW Cremation Regulations

In NSW, there are strict regulations in place to bear in mind. These ensure that cremations are carried out safely and respectfully, but can also place some constraints on timeframes and flexibility around the whole process.

NSW cremation regulations include:

  1. Cremations can only be carried out by authorised crematoriums
  2. Cremation can only take place if the deceased has been identified
  3. Cremation cannot take place if the deceased directly left instructions in their Will, stating that they did not want to be cremated
  4. Unless placed in a holding room with a suitable container, cremation must take place within 4 hours of the deceased arriving at the crematorium
  5. The deceased must be placed in a coffin during cremation
  6. Only one person can be cremated in the same cremation chamber at a time
  7. All metal devices, such as pacemakers, jewellery and similar devices, must be removed from the body of the deceased before cremation

Choosing a funeral director

When planning a cremation, choosing the right funeral director can make or break the experience. This person is responsible for helping guide you through the process, and can also be a calming and reassuring presence at this time to help with details for a memorial service.

Aligning funeral service wishes with your funeral director

The duties of a funeral director range from helping to arrange the cremation, to providing support for you and your whole family. With this in mind, it's important to choose a funeral director who is experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate on all the details.

It's also important that they specialise in the type of cremation and service you have in mind. Or, if you're unsure, specialises in a range of cremation services and can provide options on different types of urns and memorial ceremony ideas.

Practicalities of choosing a funeral director

Considering the funeral director's location, availability, and pricing are crucial in determining your choice. At this stage, it's also worth taking the time to research and choose and compare funeral directors in the area who can meet your needs.

Looking through previous customer feedback can be invaluable in this sense, as well as help to ensure a meaningful and respectful farewell for your loved one during their cremation or memorial service.

Considering pre-paid cremation

Prepaid funeral plans can save money, time and stress for families of the deceased. For cremations, they offer a helpful way to specify all details on urns and memorial service ahead of time- taking the pressure of those left behind whilst trying to navigate the choices within Sydney itself.

If planning the cremation of a loved one in Sydney has been stressful, here's a list of insights into why you might want to think about prepaid cremation for yourself.

Benefits of a prepaid cremation:

1. Save when you pay today's price

In choosing to arrange and pay for a cremation service in advance, you can lock in today's prices and avoid rising costs associated with funerals, cremations and associated memorial services.

Whilst this means more of your leftover estate can go to beneficiaries and make meaningful contributions to family, it also prevents these people having to go into their own pockets to fund a cremation with higher future prices.

2. Peace of mind

Planning a cremation in advance can bring more than money savings, but instead bring immense peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

Knowing that your wishes will be carried out as you intended can create a sense of calm amid the uncertainty surrounding death and what comes after it. Taking control of what happens to your body and the honouring process around your'e life embodies this empowered approach to end of life, and can bring comfort at any age.

It can also give you more time about how you'd like to be honoured by your family and local community- ensuring that all aspects of your life are represented in a memorial and cremation service tailored to you.

3. Reduced stress:

Planning the details and taking care of the costs of memorial or cremation service also comes with the added benefit of reduced stress for your loved ones. At an already devastating time, they will be saved by deliberation and second-guessing whilst trying to choose what you would have wanted.

Grief can be complex and changes person to person- but at this time, no one wants the stress of funeral planning. Taking a forward thinking approach to death can save your family this stress, and help keep focus on honouring you not navigating cremation admin.

To Wrap Up

Planning a cremation in Sydney can be a stressful experience, but with the right support you don't have to face it alone. Coming together at this time is what end of life celebrations are all about, and getting family and an experienced professionals involved can make all the difference.

In the immediate aftermath of death, it's important to look after yourself. But when it comes to planning a cremation service, choosing a crematorium, a funeral director and making memorial services personal to you can help you honour the deceased in a way which helps your grieving process.

From choosing a peaceful environment to host a memorial, to getting all the cost and details arranged- there can be a lot to think about on your own.

How Safewill Can Help

Safewill offers affordable, flexible and expert service on all things end of life planning. Whether you're navigating the deceased's estate plan, probate or the role of executor of estate- our team of legal professionals are here to assist.

For present or future cremations, we also offer 24-7 support from a team of dedicated funeral directors. Here to help plan a meaningful prepaid cremation, or plan a direct cremation which works around you.

Contact Safewill today, to find out more about how we can support you at any point in your journey, via 1800 10 33 10 or a live chat now.

Last updated 28th April 2023
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