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Costs to Consider in Planning a Funeral

The emotional burden of planning a funeral is tough enough, without the added uncertainty of mounting costs. To shed some light on this under-discussed topic, we offer a no-frills, basic breakdown of the costs involved in an Australian funeral. Highlighting your different options so you not only know what to expect, but are aware of cheaper alternatives.

Funeral costs

How much do Australians spend on funerals?

The average Australian funeral costs around $7000. So whilst thinking about the costs of a funeral will likely be the last thing on your mind amid the turmoil of a loved one’s death, a funeral can come to represent an unexpected financial burden at an already difficult time.

The government’s moneysmart website highlights the existing range, with Australians still spending between $4000 to $15,000 on their loved ones send off's . The costs of more basic cremations instead range from $1000- $6000; representing a stand alone cheaper option which cuts down on the need for extra services.

Costs to consider in planning a funeral?

From the basic to more elaborate, we outline the average starting costs for common funeral and cremation expenditures:

Funeral director fee: starting at $3000

Transfer of deceased to funeral home: $300

Storage of deceased at funeral home: $150

Preparations of deceased, e.g. embalming: $200-$600

Coffins: $800-$8000

Death certificate: $66

Burial Services: $2000

Funeral Celebrant: $300

Flowers: $200

Newspaper notice: $200

Funeral car: $400

Cremation service: $600

Cremation service with chapel service: $1200

Cremation certificate:$110

Cremation permit: $110

Where can I make savings?

Excessive spending on funerals isn’t what a good send off is about. For you and your family, the things said and the moments shared might be a more meaningful way to honour your loved one than an elaborate bouquet of funeral flowers or a decadent coffin.

If this is the case, there are ways to reduce funeral costs without compromising on a meaningful send-off. We offer some suggestions below:

1. Avoid peak demand times such as the weekend

2. Opt for a cremation; an all round cheaper option with less extras required

3. Minimise the extras: cut back on funeral cars, flowers and newspaper notices

4. Market research: get various quotes & ask to see price breakdowns from different providers

Save on funeral costs by planning ahead?

There are many ways planning ahead can make a funeral easier for those you love- including lower costs, lower stress and peace of mind, to name a few. Check out our article on 3 different ways you can experience these benefits through planning ahead with your funeral finances; from funeral bonds, funeral insurance and pre-paid funerals.

Get support in your funeral planning with Safewill

We’re here to make end-of-life planning as easy, straightforward and stress-free as possible for both you and your loved ones. Whether it’s time to write your Will or you’re interested in prepaying for a funeral, our caring team is here to help.

For more information on coping or preparing for end of life matters, Safewill can help. Get in touch today for a one-to-one on 1800 103 310 , or start a chat with us online.

Last updated 29th December 2022
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