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How Does Safewill Make Will's Easy?

Starting a will can feel like a daunting task. Lots of paperwork, lots of lawyers and lots of time. You might have convinced yourself it’s all necessary; it's a big, complex and scary document whipped up, after all. But with Safewill, you get all the same legal armour without the hassle battle to get there. Making your will easy, simple and stress free at every step of the way. To put your mind further at ease, we give you some deeper insight into the process and address some common concerns below.

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How does an Online Will work?

It's a step-by-step process, where you’ll spend about 20 minutes answering simple questions. These will be divided into manageable chunks for you to work through at your own pace, and you’ll be supported throughout the process with live chat available at all points.

Our legal professionals take care of the rest! And once you’ve submitted, you can easily edit at any time by altering the information in these boxes. No appointments, no cutting into your schedule and no extra costs previously all required with a traditional paper will. It’s all done from the privacy and comfort of your home, giving you time to think and rethink without indiscreet questions or judgement from a lawyer sitting across the desk.

“Surely an online Will creates more work for me & takes longer than leaving it to the professionals?”

With online wills, you're supported by our professionals at every step of the way. This isn’t you being left in the dark to write your own will. It’s just an easier way to input the information our lawyers will use to write up the document.It's less work for you because it avoids a daunting number of forms, faster because it avoids appointments and more flexible because you can update it at any point or place.

“I’ll just make mistakes and do it wrong”

If there's any issues with the information you’ve inputted, our lawyers are there to help and will get in touch to assist with any confusion along the way. Even if you make a mistake on inputting information, it's easier to change than with traditional wills.

“Isn’t it more secure to pay for my will in person- what about online scams?”

Like any legitimate online service, we’ll never ask you to send us bank account or social security information. As Australia and New Zealand’s leading online will platform, we’re a reputable online service which you can trust. We care about maintaining this reputation and keeping you safe online, so recommend checking with your bank before sharing any details your unsure about.

“Isn’t a paper copy more legit & secure?”

With a digital will, your will and important wishes will be stored on a secure online platform. This removes the age-old hassle of losing or damaging a paper will, in a way which puts your wishes at risk. The legal professionals overseeing your online will have the same credentials as the lawyers overseeing the paper ones, ours are just more 21st century savvy!

“Who can see the will- what about privacy?”

Only eligible people are entitled to see your will once you die. This includes administrator or executor, and highlights a key reason why you should also appoint a power of attorney when writing your will.

Get started with Safewill today

To get support in writing your will today, get in touch for a one-to-one on 1800 103 310 , or start a chat with us online.

Last updated 30th December 2022
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